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Entropy Resins

Entropy CCR Super Sap Clear Casting Epoxy

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Note: CCF FAST hardener should ONLY be used for low-volume (less than 1 pint) casting applications with thicknesses below 1″. Ensure product is properly mixed and your working environment is 23°.

Entropy Super Sap Clear Casting Resin is a water clear, low viscosity epoxy system designed specifically for casting, embedding, and high build coating applications. With industry leading UV stability, Super Sap CCR allows for crystal clear resin castings with excellent color stability. Slow cure speeds and low exotherm temperatures allow for bulk castings or high build coatings that release air bubbles well. Acceptance of color pigments makes this epoxy ideal for any art or hobby application.

  • 90 min pot life, 24 hr tack free time

Kits are comprised of Super Sap CCR Epoxy and CCF Hardener.


  • Resin Jewelry
  • Art and Sculptures
  • Encapsulation or Embedding
  • High Build Coatings

This epoxy kit includes both resin and hardener and is a 2:1 (2 part epoxy:1 part hardener) ratio mix

USDA Certified

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