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FlexFoam-iT Flexible Castable Foam

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Keep away from children

You may have seen this product featured in a video for making "foam squishies" toys. This product is NOT suitable for this application. The curing of this product can product toxic fumes, and the cured product is not food safe. Keep out of reach of children. Read information sheets for more information.


FlexFoam-iT!® is water blown flexible polyurethane foam. They are two-component castable flexible foams that are strong, versatile and easy to use. A + B mixture expands many times its original volume. Vibrant colors can be achieved by adding color pigments. Ideal for arts, crafts, industrial and specials effects applications including padding/cushion material and gasket material.

FlexFoam-iT!® 7FR certifies to FMVSS 302 Flame Spec. FlexFoam-iT!® III - 1A:2B by volume - app. 15X expansion

  • FlexFoam-iT!® IV - 80A:100B by weight - app. 10X expansion
  • FlexFoam-iT!® 6 - 1A:1B by volume - app. 10X expansion
  • FlexFoam-iT!® 7FR - 1A:1B by volume - app. 8X expansion
  • FlexFoam-iT!® X - 1A:1B by volume - app. 6X expansion
  • FlexFoam-iT!® 17 - 1A:2B by volume - app. 3.5X expansion

FlexFoam-iT!® urethane casting foams have a 2 hour demold time.

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