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Gelcoat Neutral for Colours

  • from 3495 Incl. GST

This Neutral Gelcoat is formulated to be a BASE Gelcoat for colouring. Its appearance is a light grey colour which must be pigmented using our compatible epoxy/polyester pigment. The mixing ratio for adding colours is 25g-50g of Pigment per kg of Neutral Gelcoat.

  • 1kg Neutral Gelcoat requires a 50g bottle of Epoxy/Polyester Pigment
  • 4kg Neutral Gelcoat requires 200g bottle of Epoxy/Polyester Pigment

This is a two part product and works in conjunction with M.E.K.P. Catalyst mixed at a general rate of 1-2% by volume i.e.  10ml-20ml to 1kg of resin.


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