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Plasti-Paste II Mould Reinforcement

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Plasti-Paste® II is a two component fibre-filled resin that is designed for vertical surface application. This no-odor formulation when cured can be painted, is hard and rigid with better heat resistance.

Mixed material holds a vertical surface without sagging and cures to a strong, durable and lightweight plastic. Liquid material can be pigmented with So-Strong® color tints. This plastic can be used for creating themed environments or special effects, used as a "mother mold" material to reinforce rubber molds and a variety of other applications.

This plastic is also a powerful adhesive and can be used as a repair material for a variety of industrial applications. Cured plastic can be sanded, machined and painted with acrylic enamel paints.

  • POT LIFE – 10mins
  • DEMOLD TIME – 90mins
  • SHRINKAGE – 0.005
  • COLOUR – Off-White

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