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Carbon Fibre Tape

Carbon Fibre Tape

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Carbon tape is a narrow width of woven fabric that has a selvage to prevent fraying. It is manufactured from 3K carbon plain weave fabric and is 240g. A great alternative to cutting small widths of woven fabric that unravel when bonded to the substrate.

Our carbon tapes warp yarns (yarn in the 0° direction) and carbon filling yarns (yarn in the 90° direction) are interlaced in a repeating one over and one under pattern, providing good fabric stability.

Carbon tapes are recommended as a reinforcement where stiffness in the 0/90 direction is required. Carbon tapes exhibit the same properties as woven carbon fibre fabrics.

Best results are achieved with epoxy resins but these high quality carbon tapes can be used with polyester or vinyl ester resins.

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