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105 Epoxy Resin

West System

105 Epoxy Resin

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West System 105 (formally Z105) epoxy resin is PART A of a two part system and is the base material on which all West System compounds are built. West System epoxies are used extensively in the marine industry and are based on a 5:1 ratio (5 parts resin to 1 part hardener).

The unique characteristics of West System epoxy resin make it ideal for sealing, laminating, coating and bonding of various products. It has been designed specifically to wet out and bond with wood fibre, fibreglass, reinforcing fabrics and a variety of metals when mixed at the proper ratio. Users can also control the resins curing or working time by selecting a specific hardener.

An excellent adhesive, 105 epoxy resin will bridge gaps and fill voids when modified with West System fillers which can be sanded and shaped when cured. With roller applications, it has excellent thin-film characteristics to flow out and self-level without “fisheyeing."

This is a TWO PART system that works ONLY in conjunction with either West System 205 Hardener, 206 Hardener or 207 Special Coating Hardener.

West System Pump Dispensers are also available.

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