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Modeling Clay

  • 2995 Incl. GST

This Mould and Modeling Clay is sulfur-free, is extremely smooth and has excellent adhesive qualities. This non-drying, oil-based clay can be carved and shaped easily and will not crack. It is workable at room temperature but can be warmed to a maximum of 90°F to achieve softer, stickier clay. Very sensitive to heat variations, this clay can easily be warmed and softened with the friction from rubbing it in your hands.

This clay can be used in fiberglass molding applications including; temporary fillets, construction of mold parting lines and quick repairs to molds. The oil base of this clay allows PVA separator to be applied to it and also provides a good measure of adhesion to waxed surfaces.

Non-toxic, sanitary, and odorless, this clay is non drying and therefore reusable. Suitable model and mold-making material for Cultured Marble Products, Taxidermy, RTV Silicone Rubber Molding, Product Development Modeling, Fibreglass Molding, Architectural Modeling, Metal Casting, School Arts & Crafts, Cement Casting, Forensic Models and Special Effects for Stage or Film

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