CLEARANCE UV Activated Catalyst for Surfboard Polyester Resin

CLEARANCE UV Activated Catalyst for Surfboard Polyester Resin

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UV Activated Catalyst is activated by Ultra-Violet Light (UV) and specifically formulated for tough, bright polyester fibre reinforced surfboard laminating. This UV Activated Catalyst comes in a powder form and is added / mixed into polyester resins. It is an ideal additive for surfboard construction as it creates a much stronger and clearer product whilst reducing toxic emissions (volatile organic compounds) from your working environment.

UV Activated Catalyst allows quicker and more cost effective production methods. It can be added to polyester resin in a similar way to commonly used peroxide based (M.E.K.P.) catalyst; hence no change is needed to your existing laminating procedure. UV Activated Catalyst comes in powder form quantities for 20kg, 10kg, 4kg and 1kg resins ensuring the correct ratio dispersion for the volume of resin you are working with. The benefits of UV Activated Catalyst are:

  • Unused resin can be reused. No more waste!
  • Surfboards glassed with UV Activated Catalyst stay whiter and brighter than traditionally glassed surfboards.
  • UV Activated Catalyst can be mixed and used straight away although we recommend up to 24 hours to dissolve the powder completely into the resin (depending on resin temperature). Once mixed, laminate as usual. When finished expose to UV light.
  • Experienced laminators can glass and hot coat a board in a fraction of the time compared to conventionally glassed boards. This allows greater turn over of product and a superior use of available space.
  • UV Activated Catalyst is also great for  inexperienced laminators. You have all the time in the world to get it right. When you are ready, just expose it to UV Sunlight.
  • M.E.K.P can still be used with resin already catalysed with UV Activated Catalyst with no side affects. Just add the amount of M.E.K.P catalyst required as per usual.

NOTE: Adding pigments and/or resin tints to UV activated polyester resin may inhibit the UV activation process as natural UV light may not be able to penetrate the surface to activate the UV catalyst. Adding a small amount of M.E.K.P. catalyst to the resin will solve this problem. M.E.K.P. catalyst will also need to be added when installing fin plugs, fin boxes or deck plugs into surfboards as the sun's UV will only hit the surface and therefore not penetrate deep enough to activate UV catalysed resin used to install plugs and boxes.

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