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Carbon Twill Weave

  • 5495 Incl. GST

Our premium 200g, 3k twill weave carbon is identified by parallel diagonal lines or ribs created by one or more carbon filling yarns floating over at least two carbon warp yarns. The pattern can be symmetrical such that 2 filling yarns float over 2 warp yarns in an over 2 under 2 sequence also known as a 2X2 Twill.

This twill weave style is more pliable than the plain weave with better drape-ability and is more pliable for moulding and forming to complex shapes. However, due to the looser weave of this fabric, it can be prone to unraveling once cut. This premium carbon is commonly used in the auto industry and for hobby parts it provides a great cosmetic 3D appearance.

Our Carbon is weaved using only Japanese yards which are far superior to the Chinese yards found in much of the market place today. Hence why this is the same carbon used by AirBus and many of Europes prestigious auto manufacturers.

This Twill Carbon is 1000mm wide and although the best results are achieved with epoxy resins it can be used with polyester or vinyl ester resins.

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