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Innegra S-Fibre

Innegra S-Fibre

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Innegra S-fibre is the new Super Fibre that is half the weight of Carbon fibre but tougher. Innegra is a high performance fibre that is currently the lightest and toughest available on the market, delivering superior toughness in a composite while at the same time reducing weight.

Innegra is a Polypropylene yarn which offers strength, flex and resistance properties that have not been seen in the mainstream consumer market. Innegra has approximately 7-10% void volume, making it the lightest high performance fibre available. Innegra S fibre can be used as a replacement for glass fibre, aramid (kevlar), carbon and other reinforcement composites, however, it does result in a white clean cosmetic look.

Innegra is currently being used in the surfboard construction market, aerospace industries and various high-tech composite constructions. Innegra is best used as a hybrid in sandwich construction between two other cloths or fibres. This construction method doubles the strength capacity of the outer fibres. Because Innegra is very much like Kevlar, sandwiching it will prevent any raising or fluffing of the cloth when sanding.

Compatible with Polyester or epoxy resins.

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