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Red Raven


  • from 1899 Incl. GST

Red Raven Acetone is primarily used for cleaning fiberglass tools and work areas where resins, gelcoats or epoxies have been used. It is also affective in dissolving two-part epoxies and superglue before hardening and can be used sparingly to thin specific products.

Acetone is used as a component in some paints and varnishes and is also useful in the cleaning and preparation of various surfaces before the application of resins, fibreglass cloths and gelcoats and is a highly affective cleaner of metal prior to painting.

Red Raven cans allow for easy pouring and no mess with a pop up pourer. The pourer can be re-sealed using the handy screw top lid which can also be pushed back down for storage.

  • Removal of Uncured Polyester Resins
  • Surface Cleaning & Preparation
  • Tools & Equipment Cleaning
  • Quickly Disperses & Evaporates

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