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Surfboard Cloth Aerialite


Surfboard Cloth Aerialite

  • from 4495 Incl. GST

Aerialite fabric is used by surfboard manufacturers around the world. Aerialite ensures a high quality look and finish.

Aerialite E-glass fabric is specifically designed to provide superior handling and cleanliness to insure a smooth manufacturing process from start to finish. Aerialite fabric exhibits great wet-out and clarity, helping to increase laminate strength and provide a smoother whiter surface to make graphics stand out.

This Aerialite fabric is 760mm wide and used primarily for shortboards and high performance longboards. Aerialite E-Cloth will absorb minimal amounts of resin because of its tight weave resulting in lighter surfboards. Available in both 4oz qand 6oz weights.

Polyester and Epoxy compatible.

Please note this surfboard cloth is only available in 6m, 10m and 30m rolls. For smaller amounts please see Surfboard Cloth Red Raven

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