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Wilkinson Carbon and Composite Scissors

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Carbon & Kevlar

These Wilkinson Composite shears are designed to offer the very best cutting and handling characteristics when working with carbon fibre, aramid (Kevlar) and other advanced composite materials.

Precision manufactured from high carbon tool steel and completely PTFE coated with Xylan™ technology these shears will remain sharp for much longer than a conventional shear, cut easier (even through heavy glass or pre-preg carbon) and provide a lifetime of service.

They feature a sharp nose to make it easy to get under fabrics for the first cut and precisely adjustable resistance making them a joy to use.

Exclusively, the serration is applied to the upper blade not the conventional lower blade making it much easier to cut carbon fibre and other valuable fabrics without the serration snagging the fibres as the scissors are slid along the fabric to make the next cut.


  • Long blade for fast, neat cutting
  • Blade angle specific to carbon fibre and other fabrics
  • Snag-free cutting of expensive fabrics
  • Xylan low friction coating for long lasting sharpness
  • Precision manufactured from high carbon tool steel
  • Adjustable resistance for the perfect feel

Suitable for Cutting

  • Dry carbon fibre fabric
  • Pre-preg carbon fibre fabric
  • Chopped strand mat, woven glass fabric
  • Wet resin coated carbon/glass fabric
  • Kevlar® and other aramid fibres
  • Rubber (due to low friction coating)
  • Thin plastic sheet

Fibreglass & Composite

  • Hot forged
  • Chrome plated blades with unique corrosion protection on the inside
  • High carbon tool steel
  • Offset handles - machined pivot screw
  • One blade micro serrated, one knife edge, allowing the trimmers to grip slippery materials as the knife edge reduces the cutting effort required
  • Longer life is achieved by higher grade materials and more finishing processes

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