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Carbon Fibre & Innegra Hybrid

Carbon Fibre & Innegra Hybrid

  • 4995 Incl. GST

Carbon & Innegra Hybrid

One of the first Carbon & Innegra Hybrid fabrics to be produced and available as a 2x2 plain weave 3k Carbon warp with 3k Innegra fill. The fabric is 150GSM and is the perfect marriage between two very different fibres providing a defined look, and more importantly, a strong laminate. This fabric has good impact abrasion and stays white in the resin and is lighter and stronger than carbon & kevlar hybrid.

Carbon/Kevlar and Carbon/Innegra fabrics are used in many high-performance, high-impact applications such as canoes, military ballistics and rally-car panelling. Suitable for use in wet-lay ups, vacuum bagging and resin infusion manufacturing as well as for use as a single surface layer where parts are being made to look like a cosmetic skin.

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