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Carbon & Kevlar Hybrid Twill Coloured

  • 5995 Incl. GST

This Carbon and Kevlar Hybrid fabric combines the unique properties of both fibres to provide a high level of stiffness and strength as well as huge impact and abrasion resistance.

The 3K carbon makes up the warp and the 1500 KEVLAR® fibres are dyed blue, red, orange or green and woven to make up the fill. This Carbon / Kevlar® Hybrid fabric is 210gsm, 2/2 twill weave and 1 metre wide.

The colorful and eye-catching twill weave makes this hybrid an ideal choice for a surface layer, used alone or backed with another layer of reinforcement to create a maximum balance. This perfect weave and look is used in many high-performance, high-impact applications such as canoes, military ballistics and rally-car panelling. It is suitable for use in wet-lay ups, vacuum bagging and resin infusion manufacturing as well as for use as a single surface layer where parts are being made to look like a cosmetic carbon/Kevlar® skin.

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