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Duratec Gray Surface Primer 707-002

  • 19995 Incl. GST

Duratec polyester and vinyl ester coatings are used for a variety of applications ranging from mould construction and repair through to vinyl ester spray filling and fairing of vessels. Products are available for polishing, coating, priming, sealing. Duratec gives the applicator convenient, air cured, thin to thick film spray technology with less porosity and quick curing time.

The ultimate high-gloss surface primer for wood, MDF, foam and composite plugs, patterns and models. Duratec Polyester Surfacing Primer provides rapid coat buildup and a smooth surface with high gloss, when required.

  • Low porosity - provides a super fine leveling and filling system on a variety of substrates with superior release properties.
  • Adhesion to most epoxies - with heat distortion level of 201°F, 94°C, the primer also adheres to fiberglass, properly prepared metal, wood, MDF, brick, concrete and polyurethane foam.
  • Rapid coat buildup - to 40 mils, 1000 microns, wet on wet, on composite plugs and master mold surfaces; saves time and labor cost.
  • Easy sanding - also saves time and labor. The primer cures to a surface that polishes to a high gloss, when required.

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