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Duratec SUNSHIELD Clear Polyester Top Coat 904-061

  • 24995 Incl. GST

Duratec polyester and vinyl ester coatings are used for a variety of applications ranging from mould construction and repair through to vinyl ester spray filling and fairing of vessels. Products are available for polishing, coating, priming, sealing. Duratec gives the applicator convenient, air cured, thin to thick film spray technology with less porosity and quick curing time.

Duratec SUNSHIELD Clear Top Coat 904-061

Special blends of polyester polymers that produce a tack-free, non-wax high gloss finish with chemical resistance, high impact strength and excellent color and light stability. Used for composite plugs and patterns and wood product surfaces.

Used by boat manufacturers as well as manufacturers of aircraft interiors, architectural woodwork, automotive wood dashboards, furniture and musical instruments. Also used for gelcoat repair applications and for upgrading tooling gelcoats

  • Easy to apply - the coatings build quickly and spray easily. You'll save time and labor.
  • High gloss - sand and polish to a non-wax, tack-free high gloss finish.
  • Stability - the coatings offer clarity (Clear), color (Pigmented) and light stability.
  • Superior finish - the coatings produce a hard, chemical-resistant finish.
  • Custom colors - for volume applications, the coatings can be color matched to customer requirements.

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