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Entropy CLR Epoxy Mini Repair Kit

Entropy Resins

Entropy CLR Epoxy Mini Repair Kit

  • 1995 Incl. GST

Repair kit

Convenient pack for small repairs. Great for laminating standard fibreglass cloth, or surfboard cloth. Combine with West System 409 to make an easy to sand, light weight, filler.

Covers approximately quarter of a square metre (0.25m²) of 200g cloth.

Entropy CLR

Entropy Super Sap Clear Laminating Epoxy Resin is a clear, USDA Bio-Preferred and Certified environmentally friendly, laminating and coating epoxy system designed for room temperature cure, hand layup applications such as fibre reinforced composites, thin film coatings, or adhesives. Equipped with industry leading UV stability, it’s ideal for applications that require clear, low yellowing finishes. Excellent adhesion to many substrates and superior mechanical performance makes Super Sap CLR an ideal epoxy resin for surfboards and surf craft as well as many other applications.

  • 25 min pot life, 4 hr tack free time

Kits are comprised of Super Sap CLR Epoxy and CLF Hardener.


  • Fibreglass Composites
  • Carbon Fibre Composites
  • Natural Fibre Composites
  • Surfboards
  • Hot Coating
  • Thin Film Clear Coats
  • Adhesives and Fairings (with fumed silica)

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