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Cotech (Coating Technologies Ltd)

Epotec High Build (HB) Epoxy Pool Paint

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Manufacturer information


Epotec HB is a multi-purpose high build Two Part Solvent Based Epoxy / Polyamine Gloss coating for most swimming pool surfaces. Suitable for immersion in water and particularly suitable for most kinds of swimming and spa pools. May be used in industrial situations on walls, floors and machinery that are subject to attack by water, chemicals, mineral oils etc. Epotec HB has been used in pools for over 30 years in New Zealand, Australia and more recently on major water theme park projects in Thailand. A "stir in" non slip additive is also available (Cotec Ruff it) to add to the final coat of paint if required.

  • The original "solventless" 2 pack epoxy pool paint
  • High build coating
  • Strong odour in confined spaces
  • Available in the full range of pool colours.
  • Best applied via roller or brush
  • Apply TWO coats for a long lasting effect
  • Can be rolled, brushed or sprayed (if spraying roll or brush the first coat)


This will vary depending on the surface texture and type, i.e. porous plaster will take considerably more material than smooth fibreglass. A rough guide is that a 3kg mixed kit (2.5kg of coloured base with 500g of hardener) will give a coverage rate of between 8 m2 per coat on rough porous plaster or concrete and 18 m2 per coat over prepared smooth fibreglass. We recommend two coats to get the desired colour finish.

Pool preparation is critical so contact Coating Technologies Ltd (09 837 0897) for advice before painting your pool.

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