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EPS 7'2" Virgin Thick


EPS 7'2" Virgin Thick

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The 7'2" M Thick can do it all. The new simplified molded blank is perfect for almost all boards. The wide deck and bottom, square rails and relaxed rocker caters to a wide variety of boards making it a go to blank for CNC machines and hand shapers alike.


The Virgin surfboard blank is Marko’s staple product that has been in production since day one. Available in 1.9pcf this blank is made out of brand new EPS material with the ability to be completely recycled. It is also much stronger than a standard polyurethane blank, while maintaining the facility to flex and stay lively in the water even after years of use. This EPS material is closed cell making it water resistant, which enables easier board repairs while also keeping the blanks integrity intact.


Since 1961 Marko has been churning out quality foam products in California. 2005 marked their debut in manufacturing foam blanks for water sports. Just a year later they initiated the “Surf Green” program.

Rooted in surf, their goal was to create the world’s first recycled EPS foam blanks. In 2008 they did just that by introducing a 100% recycled EPS blank to the market place. Since then they’ve signed an exclusive global deal to gather and reprocess EPS blank scraps into first quality blanks. Not only are their blanks eco-friendly, but their 100% recycled EPS material is more durable and available in the same weights as their current blank material. 

Marko blanks are world leaders in EPS technology and have found their way into the hands of Bill Riedel, Matt Biolas, Eric Arakawa, and various other shapers and world class surfers around the globe.

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