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Polyester Resin General Purpose

  • from 1995 Incl. GST

Our general purpose Polyester Orthophthalic Resin is an ideal laminating resin for repairs, mould building and product manufacturing. Polyester Ortho is the standard industry resin and bonds well to prepared polyester laminates, most metals, prepared woods and some plastic such as PVC and ABS.

This product is NOT SUITABLE for native timbers and/or untreated timbers, epoxy laminates, some plastics such as polyethylene or nylon and does not bond well to aluminum, brass and copper.

This product is NOT SUITABLE for surfboard laminating or repairs. See Premium Surfboard resin.

This is a Two Part Product and works in conjunction with M.E.K.P. (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) catalyst mixed at a general rate of 1-2% of volume i.e.  20ml to 1kg of resin.


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