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Kinetix Eco-X 130 Bio OPTICAL BRIGHT Epoxy

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KINETIX® ECO-X R130 is a solvent free, bio-based epoxy resin specifically formulated for use with H125 Standard and H130 Fast hardeners to provide a rapid room temperature cure for surfboard lamination of EPS/ polystyrene or polyurethane foam.

ECO-X R130 is optimised to enhance the brightness of boards manufactured with white blanks, and cures to a bloom-free finish that has excellent adhesion to polyester or polyurethane topcoats.

ECO-X R130 is not suitable for laminating surfboards that are intended to have a clear timber or clear carbon finish. KINETIX ECO-X R135 should be used for these applications.

This bio-based system is an eco-friendly alternative that is available with a choice of two hardener speeds. Fabricators have a choice of flip speeds - the H130 Fast can be flipped within 3 hours and sanded within 5 hours @ 25° C*, which is approximately half the turnaround time of the H125 Standard hardener.

*speed of both systems will be dependant on ambient temperature.

Superior toughness, and resistance to yellowing, provides extended longevity with normal use.

Components used in the manufacture of ECO-X R130 are made from renewable feedstock and byproduct of existing industrial processes. Production consumes less energy and water than standard petroleum based epoxies, and also reduces wastes and greenhouse gas emission.

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