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Red Raven

Polyester Resin Surfboard Laminating

  • from 3499 Incl. GST

Please note that 20kg pails are stored off site and will take 24-48h processing before dispatch.

This Premium Polyester Surfboard Laminating resin has been custom formulated exclusively for JS Surfboards and packaged under the Red Raven brand for distribution in New Zealand. This high quality unwaxed surfboard laminating resin is used in the manufacture and repair of surfboards and watercraft where a UV stable, clear finish is required. It bonds well to polyurethane surfboard blanks and existing polyester laminates. 

NOT SUITABLE for repairing epoxy surfboards or for use on polystyrene foam.

Red Raven cans allow for easy pouring and no mess with a pop up pourer. The pourer can be re-sealed using the handy screw top lid which can also be pushed back down for storage.

  • Clear Finish & UV Stable
  • Laminating & Repairs
  • Polyester Pigment Compatible
  • DIY & Professional Use

This is a Two Part Product and works in conjunction with M.E.K.P. (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) catalyst mixed at a general rate of 1-2% of volume i.e. 20ml to 1kg of Polyester Surfboard Laminating Resin. Also suitable for use with UV Activated Catalyst.



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