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Silmar Acrylic Surfboard Polyester Resin


Silmar Acrylic Surfboard Polyester Resin

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Regarded as the World's # 1 surfboard laminating resin manufacturer since 1961, Silmar developed ACRYLIC MODIFIED Surfboard Laminating Resin in response to the demands of today's surfers and advances made in construction materials. ACRYLIC MODIFIED surfboard resin is tougher than standard polyester surfboard resins, has less compression dimples and significantly out performs other commercially available resins with improved impact resistance and reduction in stress and deck cracks. ACRYLIC MODIFIED surfboard laminating resin has low odour and is user friendly with a rapid glass wet out. It cures water clear, exhibiting superior UV resistance to yellowing and gives surfboard blanks a much whiter look than other surfboard resins on the market.

Silmar is NOT SUITABLE for the repair of Epoxy surfboards or lamination of EPS foam, on native timbers and/or untreated timbers, some plastics such as polyethylene or nylon and does not bond well to aluminum, brass or copper.

This is a Two Part Product and works in conjunction with M.E.K.P. (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) catalyst mixed at a general rate of 1-2% of volume i.e.  10-20ml to 1kg of resin. Note that Silmar has a faster snap time once it gels than standard surfboard laminating resin. UV Catalyst Additive can also be used with this product.


Silmar Acrylic Modified Surfboard Resin can be used with UV Activated Catalyst.

In Hawthorne, California the Beach Boys developed their unique and lasting Surfing sound. Ironically, Silmar also developed their unique and lasting quality in Hawthorne, California in exactly the same year, 1961!

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