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Tooling Green Gelcoat

Tooling Green Gelcoat

  • from 1995 Incl. GST

Tooling Gelcoats are in the same family as standard gelcoats, however they are engineered with certain properties (hardness, polishing and dimensional stability). Tooling Gelcoats are primarily formulated for mold work to create a super strong surface capable of yielding hundreds of releases, resist surface damage and work well with a wide range of release agents.

The hardness of a tooling gelcoat is higher because they are designed to be the surface for a rigid tool; this means that they don't need to be 'flexible' in the way that a gelcoat designed for other parts would need to be in order to prevent it from cracking if the part flexes. Tooling Gelcoats are SPRAY grade but can be brushed or rolled into moulds.

This Tooling Gelcoat is a two part product that requires MEKP Catalyst mixed at a general rate of 1-2% by volume i.e.  10ml-20ml to 1kg of resin. Best results are achieved with two coats.


NOTE: 3mm Spray Gun Nozzle recommended if Spraying

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