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Carbon Fibre Tape Unidirectional

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Carbon UNIDIRECTIONAL fibre runs longitudinally down the length of the roll. Unidirectional tapes are good for areas requiring carbon strength in only one direction, or it can be overlapped with itself to achieve bi-directional strength.

This 3k 200g Carbon UNIDIRECTIONAL Tape is ideal for smaller jobs like tube winding, lap joining and repairing cracks in composite surfaces. This tape is woven in a FLAT method to prevent fraying on the edges since it is held in position by a stitched glass yarn. The yarn that bonds the reinforcement fibres together allows the fabric to be easily cut, trimmed or slit but dissolves once it is laid up with resin to give the tape a nice clean completely black finish.

Also used in the surfboard industry to add modulus (stiffness) and strength where desired. Commonly used for carbon rails, tail patches and power bands along stringer lines. This unidirectional carbon is super flat and integrates well into layers of surfboard cloth. It remains in place keeping its shape during lamination with no bumps or mounds or undesirable beads along the edges.

Best results are achieved with epoxy resins but these high quality Carbon UNIDIRECTIONAL Tapes can be used with polyester or vinyl ester resins.

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