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Red Raven

Universal Pigment for Polyester & Epoxy

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Polyester Resins, Epoxy Resins and Poly-Urethane Resins are best colored using Red Raven Universal Pigments. The technology breakthrough for this single colorant system has been the engineering of a new polymer resin, through the incorporation of surface active molecules into the polymer chain. This product offers incredible advantages over the old and legacy thick paste pigment systems. Red Raven Universal Pigments is a modern product for coloring the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics and Composites Industry.


These pigments have an organic base and require pre-mixing. This is due to a small amount of air being trapped in the container during the sealing and packaging process.  Add no more than 10% of pigment to the resin or gelcoat volume to be used.

We suggest pre-mixing the pigments with a small amount of resin or gelcoat to breakdown any solid matter.

  1. Pre-mix at a ratio of 1:1 (i.e. 10g of pigment with 10g of resin) in a small container with a mixing stick ensuring there is no settling of material.
  2. Once completely mixed, tip small container contents into a larger container with the balance quantity of resin or gelcoat required and mix well to get the intended color.
  3. If you require a stronger color, repeat this process and check for unmixed material. This will avoid pigment lumps and give the user a homogenous mix.
  4. Add catalyst/hardener only after you are happy with the desired color and ready to use the product.

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