Gelcoat Finishing (Flowcoat)
Gelcoat Finishing (Flowcoat)
Gelcoat Finishing (Flowcoat)
Gelcoat Finishing (Flowcoat)

Gelcoat Finishing (Flowcoat)

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Finishing Gelcoat is a polyester resin specially formulated with thixotropic ingredients for increased viscosity and non-sag properties. It incorporates pigments, additives and a substance called Wax Styrene. The wax in Flowcote takes the tackiness out of the gelcoat. Flowcote can be used in various applications but is primarily used for finishing and or repairs since it is easier to sand.

Finishing Gelcoat can be applied by brush or roller. The gel time is typically 20 to 22 minutes. Standard polyester resin should not be used as it does not have the same ingredients as Flowcote and has very little strength or coating properties on its own.  Standard polyester resin must be used in conjunction with a fibreglass materials to reinforce the resin for structural integrity.

This is a two part product and works in conjunction with M.E.K.P. catalyst mixed at a general rate of 1-2% by volume i.e.  10ml-20ml to 1kg of resin.



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