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Silc Pig for Pigmenting Silicone

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Silc Pig® silicone color pigments are used for coloring ALL Smooth-On silicone rubber compounds (Tin-Cure and Platinum) including Mold Max® translucent ‘T' Series, Dragon Skin® and Ecoflex® rubbers. SilcPig® pigments also are also used to create mind blowing skin effects with Psycho Paint® and Skin Tite®.

The NEW Silc Pig® Sampler 9 Pack gives you the opportunity to experience each color!

Silc Pig® pigments are concentrated, offer excellent dispersion and consistent color. Silc Pig® pigments are very concentrated and a very small amount of pigment will color a proportionally large amount of silicone. The more you add in proportion to the volume of liquid rubber, the more dramatic the color effect.

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