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The Fibreglass Shop has been supplying the New Zealand fibreglass industry and D.I.Y. customers with fibreglass materials, tools and mold making products for over 20 years.

As a small family owned business we place a lot of importance on customer satisfaction. We listen to our customers, and because we are a small business, have the ability to be flexible and customize products and materials to our customers needs.

Sharing our passion and knowledge with customers is what drives us. That’s why we are New Zealand’s leading supplier of materials and products to high schools, polytechnics, universities, clubs and non-profit organizations. 

We supply a variety of products from polyester resins, epoxies, gelcoats, pigments, cloths, reinforcements, fillers and mold release products as well as more specialized products for mold making such as silicone's, polyurethanes, casting materials and liquid plastics all in quantities and convenient sizes not available from larger distributors.

We are also the leading supplier to the surfboard building market, supplying both professionals and backyard board builders with a range of epoxy and polyester resins, cloths, pigments, rail tapes, fin plugs and boxes and various bio products.

No matter how big or small your business, if you are a professional, hobbyist or first time novice, we treat everyone with the same respect and believe all customers should have equal access to the latest materials, innovative products and great brands. As part of this goal and our commitment to customer service, we will ship any order, no matter how big or small, anywhere in New Zealand.