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Mold Max Pourable Tin-Cure Silicone

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Mold Max® RTV silicone rubbers will reproduce the finest detail from a variety of industrial and art related applications including reproducing prototypes, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements. Use them to cast a variety of materials including wax, gypsum, low melt alloys/metals and urethane, epoxy or polyester resins (without using a release agent).

Mold Max® 14NV

Low Viscosity

Offers low viscosity, fast cure and long library life. Mold Max® 14 NV does not require vacuum degassing and will reproduce the finest detail.

  • Low Viscosity
  • Gram Scale Is Required
  • No Vacuum Degassing Required

Mold Max® 30

There is No Better Silicone Value

Used in various production applications from small to large scale like making architectural elements. Mold Max® 30 silicone can be thickened with THI-VEX® additive for brush-on applications.

  • High Tear Strength
  • Gram Scale Is Required
  • Recommend Vacuum Degassing

Mold Max® 60

Heat Resistant Silicone

Formulated for applications requiring high heat resistance (up to 560°F/294°C) including making foundry patterns, flat pattern reproductions and casting low-melt metal alloys such as tin and pewter.

  • High Heat Resistant
  • Gram Scale Is Required
  • Recommend Vacuum Degassing

An accurate gram scale is essential when using these products. If you do not have or do not want to use a scale, use OOMOO® Silicones.

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