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Red Raven Surfboard Cloth

Red Raven

Red Raven Surfboard Cloth

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4oz and 6oz E-glass surfboard cloth is the most common cloth used in surfboard manufacturing. Sourced directly from the same factory producing some of the world's top brands, and packaged under the Red Raven brand, this fabric is easy to wet out and ensures a smooth laminating experience from start to finish.

Both cloth weights exhibit great clarity, drapes easily over rails during lamination and contribute to a stronger final product compared to cheaper imitation cloths that flood the market.

This surfboard cloth is offered in 760mm widths and used primarily for shortboards and high-performance longboards. Due to the precision weave, both cloth weights absorb minimal amounts of resin resulting in a lighter board for the demands of todays surfer. 

Polyester and Epoxy compatible.

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